A balancing act between two;

the two are placed at opposite ends of the building. each hold a little clay ocarina in one hand and a megaphone in the other. 

One walks up the stairwell and takes a pause in the pocket of the climb. They place an ocarina to their lips and produce a long sound... 

the call is not answered. A megaphone is hovered above the little opening in the ocarina.

The call shoots across the building, reaching the other. 

The other pauses to listen, then repeating the gesture, responds to the call.

The two begin a conversation.  

Contingent was performed as part of Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art Degree Show 2019. The performance was then recreated for The Other Art Fair 2019 in King’s Cross. 

Duration varies 
Clay ocarina, steel stand, performers 
Special thank you: Elizabeth Luffman, Beth Dunne, John Thadicaran, Rubie, Lolita Stegmar, Jacob Hulmston and everyone else that took part



Duration: Approximately 18 minutes 
Steel structure (x2), laptopn, speaker, contact microphone, hard drive, sound card, kinesiology tape, dancer 
Special thank you: Aine Reynolds

Watching, the dancer absorbs gestures. A contact microphone is attached to their foot. Every movement they make is translated into sound through the laptop to which their foot is tethered. The cables flop against the floor and the drone is punctuated. The frame of the performer becomes interrupted as viewers seep from behind the wall, and we can observe their reaction, we can suppose their reaction throuhg the dancer. 

Prior to the perofrmance, the dancer was sent a set of instructions via email, it was impportant to keep an element of distance somehow.


Here resulted as part of a two week residency at Fivehundredthousand Gallery in London 2017.

The area around the gallery was mapped in a series of walks where image, sound and object were collected. 

Brought back into the domestic space, they formed a chair that could be played, a glass table top with two TV screens resting atop and a light plunging the space in pink.

Special thank you to Fivehundredthousand: Gillies Semple, Eliot Z Felde, Harry Smithson