In collaboration with Sayera Anwar
Series of 10 short films
Duration varies 

2 is a conversation between London and Islamabad, through bus journeys.

There is no destination - the journey is a way to collect everyday choices within the two cities, nested within gestures.

The film came out of a series of conversations and exchanges through Zoom held during the pandemic, using screens as a way to smudge borders and create modes of working  across continents.

During the conversations, questions of ownership began to surface. Both of us came to the cities where we now live, from the outside. The camera becomes a way to bridge the distance between our personal histories and those of the cities we occupy, whilst also serving as an interface through which we can negotiate  movement in the city, as women.

Each film is 45 seconds to a minute - which turned out to be a pocket of time when our footage aligned; when we filmed without interruptions, when Sayera wouldn’t  be told off for filming, or one of us would  have to get off the bus. The way we are socialised and move within our cities became a framework that formed the film.

2 is a collaborative project with Sayera Anwar with whom we met via Instagram over the pandemic.